Ring Options and Sizing


While browsing our ring designs, once you enter a ring size, metal options will then appear. Following this, stone options will also then become available for stone set designs. Once all options have been selected, the price for your chosen options will be displayed.


Sizes Available

Although our rings can only be selected up to certain sizes on our website, they are available in any size you may require. Sizes larger than those possible to select on our website will be subject to a small additional cost to cover the additional materials required. Please contact us for further information.


Selecting a Suitable Metal for your Ring

When choosing a ring, it’s particularly important to consider your choice of metal. Please see our Options & Finishes section for information on the colour and hardness differences for the precious metals we work with. If you are considering white gold for your ring, please also have a look at our information on rhodium plating.


Ordering the Correct Ring Size

When you place your ring order with us, please let us know how your size has been measured & what type of sizing rings have been used as this helps to ensure that your ring will be as accurate a fit as possible.

If you do not know your ring size, it is important to have it measured by a professional jeweller. Most jewellers are happy to do this for you. If you are having your size measured by a jeweller, please do not use a Pandora store as they have their own sizing scale which doesn’t relate to any other UK sizes. All other UK jewellers use a universal scale.

Measuring your size

Measuring the circumference of your finger is not accurate enough.

We used to say that we didn’t recommend measuring your size yourself and while we don’t wish to recommend Amazon (for obvious reasons!) customers have been purchasing sets of ring sizers to measure ring sizes at home since lockdown. Having your size measured by a jeweller will always be the most accurate way to find your size but whether you plan to use sizing gauges at home or be measured at a jewellers, please do read on for useful tips to ensure that your measurement is as accurate as possible. 

1. Opt for sizing rings with half size options rather than only full sizes

2. Always let us know the width of sizing ring used as well as the ring size you require. This is really important. If there is a choice of widths, always opt for the one closest to the ring you plan to order or for one narrower (never wider).

3. Let us know the size of ring sizer which fits you perfectly. Please don’t opt for a larger size or, for example, add another size onto the measurement to allow for the design you’ve chosen being wider than the ring sizers. The wider a ring, the tighter it will feel but this is why we ask about the width of the sizers used. We will add an allowance on because often, a sales assistant may advise adding another size where we would know from being so familir with our own designs that this would be too much and an additonal half size would be suitable.

4. Individual ring sizers are more accurate but if you are using rings attached to one big loop (like jailer’s keys), the weight of the rings below your hand is unrealistic and can affect your reading, so try to support the weight with your other hand. 

5. Ensure that your hands are a normal temperature for you at the time of measuring – that they’re not particularly warm or cool – and that you have not been rushing around, exercising, or sitting in a warm car immediately before having the measurement taken as all these factors can lead to an inaccurate reading.

6. Remember that a ring shouldn’t be so tight that it has no movement and do remember that your hands swell in the heat & when active and they shrink in the cold weather so we need to allow for these changes when deciding on your ring size.

Measuring an existing ring to find your size

Don’t use a ring worn on the other hand. For example, the ring finger on your right hand is likely to be around a size different to the ring finger on your left hand.

Please don’t use a print out and place your ring on top of it to find out the size as these are not accurate.

The best way to measure an existing ring is to ask a jeweller to pop it on a triblet / ring gauge and measure it to the leading edge (a term your local jeweller will understand) or for you to measure the inner diameter and the width of the ring with calipers.


Converting your size

If your size is measured using a nonUK sizing chart, this is not a problem – we can convert your size to the UK equivalent for you. If you’re doing this yourself then we recommend the below chart but please let us know that you’ve converted your size.

Size Conversion Chart
Ring sizing conversion chart