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This is the link to buy our one off special offer platinum & diamond ring, as advertised on our Facebook page. Special offer price £1,275.00 (regular price £1,700.00, 25% discount).

We can re-size this ring to any size – just let us know in the special instructions box at the checkout.

This design is part of our ‘Gaol’ collection, meaning ‘love’ in Gaelic, and is made exclusively by Love from Skye on the Isle of Skye. This narrow, open knot-work band (measuring 4mm) is made from platinum and is set with a 20pt (1/5 carat) diamond.For more information on our diamonds please see options & finishes.

Design code: G/R7-20pt

The story behind this ring…

Back in July we received an order for this platinum & diamond ring via our website. We were still in lockdown so our shop was obviously closed. At this time, an order like this should have felt like an absolute blessing. But it didn’t feel quite right. It’s not that it’s totally unusual for us to make our designs in platinum & using diamonds but it is really unusual to receive an order like this without any communication first. There were another couple of things which made us a wee bit suspicious too. We didn’t have this in stock so we had to order the materials and make it to order but we decide to wait a few days. We waited but nothing happened, other than the payment clearing in our account, so we had no choice but to order the materials & start making. Within days of having started work on the ring, we received a letter from Worldpay to inform us that it was a fraudulent transaction and they would be taking the payment back. We’re not trying to be negative or look for sympathy but yeah, it’s fair to say that platinum & a diamond were a pretty big outlay for a small, shut down business during lockdown! (It would also have been nice to see Worldpay consider this, or better still, to reply to our letters!) On the plus side, at least we received their letter before we dispatched the ring to our ‘customer’. We put the work in progress to one side until we felt more positive about it then Paul finished making it with his usual care & attention to detail. So there are no negative vibes in this ring! There seems little point in adding this beautiful piece to our shop displays during this quiet time, so we’ve decided to offer it online at a very special price. Not selling this will not break us! But it is a shame for it to be sitting on a shelf and, for some reason, Paul didn’t make it in my size!! This can be resized to any size from around Monday 16th. Paul is still at home following his recent operation but he’ll be back in the workshop really soon.







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