‘Skye from the Sea’, Cuillin Ridge Ring, Silver

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 Design code: CUL/R1

Our Cuillin Ridge ‘Skye from the Sea’ ring features a snapshot of the Cuillin mountain range. The mountain design is continuous all the way around this chunky ring and the band measures 6mm in width. (This width is considered to be the standard option of this design). This design is made exclusively by Love from Skye on the Isle of Skye.

This ring is available in 6 different finishes, all of which are suitable for different uses and require differing levels of care. Please see the end of our product listing for more details on caring for your Cuillin ring.

Please note that this design is always made to order (please see our delivery page for our current making times) and that we make only a small number of this design for display in our shop.

When placing your order for this design, please let us know how you have selected your size as it’s really important that we get the size as accurate as possible due to this design being made to order. If we don’t receive this info from you then we’ll email you to ask so please look out for an email from us and also check your junk / spam messages.

Please note that this is a chunky design (in relation to depth). If you’re planning to wear this design with another ring then please let us know before ordering as this design works best on it’s own due to it’s depth.

We also make this design to order in gold and in combinations of silver and gold, which is also available to see on our site.

Other sizes – Please contact us for further information if you require this design in a size which is unavailable to select above.  All our rings are available in any size you require, however, sizes larger than those possible to select above will be subject to a small additional cost to cover the additional materials required.  For more information on selecting the correct ring size, please see our Ring Options and Sizing page.


Care guidance

Option 1 is intended to be worn as an occasional or dress ring rather than for everyday wear due to the surface effect on the mountains. This finish will change quite soon after beginning to wear it. The oxidising on the surface of the metal will be removed with surface contact and the darkened areas will ‘stick’ to the pits created by the textured effect and to the ridge between the sky & the mountains. Many people, including ourselves, really like the change which happens but if you are concerned about any change to the look of your ring then we suggest opting for option 2 or for options 3-6 for the least amount of change. With option 1, we recommend removing your ring to bath / shower, to swim and to do cleaning – in order to avoid contact with detergents & chemicals. We also recommend removing it for tasks like gardening or any manual work to protect it from surface wear.

Option 2 is a textured / hammered effect which can rub smooth with excessive wear but is a more practical option for everyday wear. We do however recommend removing it for tasks like gardening and particularly manual work to protect it from wear.

Options 3 – 6 are the most suitable finishes for regular wear. Options 3 and 4 are polished while options 5 and 6 are finished with a matte effect. The ridge between the sky and the mountains are oxidised to darken the silver in options 3 and 5 (the darkening is not removed with wear due to being in a ridge – not being subjected to surface contact), while the silver in the ridge is left in a raw state for options 4 and 6.



2 reviews for ‘Skye from the Sea’, Cuillin Ridge Ring, Silver

  1. I bought this ring 4 years ago, I think, and I have been wearing it every day since then. I wears well and I love it. It reminds me of the beauty of Skye when I am far away.


  2. We ordered this ring for our wedding next January. It came the day it was said to arrive and it fits perfectly. My fiance is very happy with his ring and we are excited to have him wear it after the ceremony so he’s always reminded of home.

    G and J

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