Isle of Skye Heart necklace


Design code: SK/HP

Our Sterling silver Skye heart necklace is a detailed silhouette of the map of our island, within a heart, and is made exclusively by Love from Skye on the Isle of Skye.

Our design was inspired by both people’s love of our island and by the community heart groups working to help others during the Coronavirus crisis. We designed this new piece during lockdown when Skye was so eerily quiet and we were all longing to see people enjoy our lovely island again and also at a time where everyone here was so heartened by the work of community groups.

Check out our Special Listings page to see the gold versions of our Skye Heart which we currently have available.

When we first launched our new design, we made the first 20 available as a fundraiser for the Broadford & Strath Community Company which is an amazing organisation here in our village. Before our new design would become a normal part of our collection, our plan was to donate the full proceeds of the first 20 (excluding postage charge) to BSCC with the hope of raising £1,170.00 for their ‘feeding & growing’ projects. Due to the overwhelming interest & support in this idea, we decided to add a further 10 necklaces, raising the total by £585.00 – a grand total of £1,755.00 for this wonderful community group who help so many vulnerable people in our area as well as doing great work with children in the village. (See below for more on BBSC).

 Please note…

Please note that if you place an order for this design now, it will be a normal sale as our fundraising has now come to an end.

More about the design…

This necklace measures 23mm x 23mm, with an 18 inch spiga chain.

If you would prefer a different length or style of chain, please get in touch.

More about the community company…

We wanted to raise some money for the community company to help a small way towards the wonderful work they do. The work they do is extensive at the best of times but since the Covid-19 pandemic they have been organising almost daily food shares, co-ordinating & delivering cooked meals to the vulnerable people in our community and growing their own veg at their Growers Hub, involving lots of the local children. As many of us return to some form of normality, the need for help in our fragile communities continues and this need will go on for some time. It’s important that those of us who are able to start returning to ‘normality’ do keep this in mind and do something small to help if we can. We arranged with the community company that the money raised from the first sales of these necklaces would go towards ‘growing and feeding’! We hope that this will go a small way towards their big efforts.



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