Oyster Shell Pendant, reverse


Design code: O/PB1

Our Sterling silver oyster shell necklace is made exclusively by Love from Skye on the Isle of Skye. This version of our oyster shell design depicts the textured outside of the shell.

Our new Skye Shoreline pieces were inspired by our many family shore walks during lockdown. We are so lucky to have Broadford Bay directly across from our shop, workshop & home here in Broadford and our walks on the bay, the fresh sea air and exploring the shoreline with our wee girl kept our spirits up during lockdown and reminded us every day of how lucky we are that Broadford is our home and how fortunate we are to be raising our young family here, where we were also raised.

This pendant measures 27mm x 18mm, with a heavy weight 18 inch rounded trace chain.

Also available on our website are matching earrings and also our oyster shell necklaces depicting the smooth inside of the shells, either with our withour fresh water pearls.

If you would prefer a different length or style of chain, please get in touch.




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