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Our “grow” candles feature our vintage shop bike which sits outside our shop & workshop decorated in flowers & ivy leaves, an illustration by Shona Hutton Art and produced by Scribe and Grow just about 3 miles along the road from us!

Once you have burned your beautiful & unique candle, don’t bin the tin (or clean it out then pop it on a shelf for months & months while you try to think of something to do with it!!) – plant flowers in it! Plant it in a wee pot and then enjoy it blooming on your windowsill or in your garden and let the bees enjoy it too!

Our pomegranate & plum candle, specially created for us by Scribe and Grow, is a deep fragrance, it’s rich and it’s woody, yet a wee bit fruity. It smells luxurious!

When you open the lid on your new candle tin, you will find a wee instruction card plus the seed card you need for planting.

Our candles are 8 Fl OZ volume and the tins are 7cm x 7cm.

We also have card made with seed paper featuring our shop bike, produced by Scribe and Grow too. See it by clicking here!

Here’s what Scribe and Grow say about their candles and some tips on how to use them. Be sure to check out Izzy’s Scribe and Grow website too!

“Grow Candles are handmade on the Isle of Skye with eco soy wax.  The label and insert are made from seed paper, packed full of bee-friendly seeds –  Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby’s Breath & Basil.


To make sure your seed paper has the best chance of turning into beautiful flowers

  • When your candle is done, give the tin a quick wash
  • Tear paper up into small pieces & soak the paper in water or run under a tap.
  • Place 1-2cm of stones at the bottom of the tin, top with soil and then your wet card. sprinkle a small amount of soil on top of the seed card.
  • Keep the soil and paper moist in a warm and light environment,  but not constantly wet.
  • Once your small plants have grown, place pot outside or keep on a window that has lots of sun.

Ideally, plant February – July




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