Isle of Skye Heart Pendant, wee (child’s)

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Design code: SK/HPW

This is the small version of our Skye Heart necklace.

Our wee Sterling silver Skye heart necklace is a detailed silhouette of the map of our island, within a heart, and is made exclusively by Love from Skye on the Isle of Skye.

Please note that we have not created this wee version with the intention of it being a cheaper alternative. Unfortunately, due to the way we have decided to create it in order to suit our young customers, the work involved in making it is actually more time consuming than the larger version.

While we also offer a charm the same size as this pendant, please be aware that the ring on this piece is soldered closed for security. (Rings supplied on our charms are not soldered to allow them to be added to a charm bracelet before being soldered).

We offer 3 chain options for our wee necklace. All 3 options are for a filed trace chain:

14 inch chain (as worn by our daughter, Willow age 6, in the photo). The jump ring is looped through the link of the chain before being soldered closed to prevent the pendant sliding off the unfastened chain and to prevent the jump ring opening up.

16 inch chain, also with the jump ring looped through the link of the chain before being soldered closed as described above.

18 inch chain (suitable for most adults / adult standard length chain). With this option, the jump ring is soldered closed to prevent it opening but it is not looped through a link of the chain as this option is not intended for children.

This pendant measures 18mm by 20mm (incuding the ring).

This wee version of our Skye Heart necklace was inspired by our young daughter’s friend Abi MacLeod. When asked by her family what she wanted for her birthday she answered “a love heart necklace with a Skye map in it”. A poster in our shop window featuring the design had caught her eye. It’s not often a 6 year old chooses jewellery for her only birthday request! Our existing Skye Heart necklace seemed too big for beautiful young Abi, so we altered one of our wee Skye Heart charms for her to create the perfect sized necklace….and so, our new wee Skye Heart necklace was created, inspired by Abi!

To find out the inspiration behind our original Skye Heart necklace or to view it (the larger / standard size), please view it here.



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