Isle of Skye Heart Charm Bracelet, Heavy, rose & silver


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Design code: SK/HBR2

In our normal website listings, you can select which metal choice you would like your chosen design to be made to order in but, from time to time, we like to make different variations of our designs and this one is available now.

Our Sterling silver Skye heart charm is a detailed silhouette of the map of our island, within a heart, and is made exclusively by Love from Skye on the Isle of Skye.

Our Skye Heart charm is made from 9ct rose gold and is attached to a luxurious, heavy weight Sterling silver bracelet with a t-bar fastening.

The charm / drop measures 18mm by 20mm (incuding the ring it’s attached to). The full length of the bracelet is 7.5 inches which is a standard length. Please get in touch if you require a longer or shorter length before placing your order.


Our Skye Heart necklace was the first piece in our wee Skye Heart collection back in 2020. The design was inspired by both people’s love of our island and by the community heart groups working to help others during the Coronavirus crisis. We designed this new piece during lockdown when Skye was so eerily quiet and we were all longing to see people enjoy our lovely island again and also at a time where everyone here was so heartened by the work of community groups. When we first launched that new design, we donated the full retail price of the first 30 necklaces we made to Broadford & Strath Community Company which is an amazing organisation here in our village. Please be aware that our fundraising has now come to an end and sales of our Skye Heart pieces are now just normal sales.

To find out more about the amazing Broadford and Strath Community Company please have a look at their website and to find out more about the fundraising we did for them, please do have a look at our Offers & News page where we talk about what the Community Company invested the funds into.



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