Gu Brath ‘rings’ necklace, rose gold


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This is, so far, a one off piece at a special price!

This is a possible new design which we’ve been experimenting with for a friend & customer and it’s available to buy for Christmas! It’s price should be £490.00 but we’re offering it at 15% discount, just because we’re feeling Christmassy!

The idea behind this design was to link two of our Gu Brath wedding bands together. Gu Brath, meaning ‘forever’ in Gaelic. Forever rings! Although this version of the idea we’re working on with our friend symbolises rings, it reminds us of Christmas wreaths and the rose gold definitely gives it a warm & glowy Christmassy feel! We’re working on more variations of this design and also on our friend’s own piece. So there may be a new Gu Brath jewellery collection added to our range next year, but so far, this is the only one available!

We are stating that we’re no longer dispatching web orders before Christmas (phone orders only). (This is in case we have to close early without notice…if our new wee arrival decides to make an early appearance!) But if anyone wishes to order this special piece via our website by Monday (14th) afternoon, we will ensure this one makes it to the Post Office no matter what!

This piece is 9ct rose gold and is presented on an 18 inch round link trace chain.

Please note that the ‘rings’ are cut from one piece of gold (there is no movement).










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