Payments & VAT free shopping

Paying for your order

We accept most cards apart from American Express.

If you wish, you can now pay for your order using Klarna, selecting to pay in 30 days or opting to pay in 3 interest free installments.

Using your gift vouchers for mail orders: Our e-vouchers (vouchers which have been emailed to you or have been printed at home) can be used on our website by entering the code at the checkout. You are also very welcome to use these vouchers in our shop.

Our card vouchers are produced with the intention of them being used in our shop. These voucher codes cannot be entered into the checkout on our website. You are however very welcome to get in touch with us and we will happily arrange for you to use these vouchers for a mail order. We would just ask for you to either send the physical voucher to us or send us a photo of it for our records – whichever is easier for you. We will then arrange a straightforward payment method for you via our website.

We’re sorry that supplying only the code from our card vouchers is not enough to be able to use them and that we cannot replace lost or stolen vouchers.

Our vouchers don’t have an expiry date. You are very welcome to use your voucher regardless of how long you’ve had it for, with the exception of vouchers which we donate to local or charity fundraisers – these vouchers are valid for only one year from the date of the event and it’s really clear on the vouchers if it is a donated one or if it’s a purchased one so that there is no confusion over expiry dates etc.

Vouchers which we have donated to causes can only be used to purchase Love from Skye jewellery – these vouchers cannot be used to purchase any other ranges sold in our shop but our standard e-vouchers and card vouchers can be used to purchase anything we sell.


VAT & import

If you are shopping with us from outside the UK, our website will automatically show you prices without VAT and you will not be charged VAT on your order.

European customers

Before Brexit, European customers were charged VAT on orders being sent from the UK. However, European customers are now not charged VAT on orders being shipped from the UK to the EU, therefore, your order will cost approximately 20% less now than it would have cost before Brexit (at the point of payment on our website). However, you will be charged an import tax on your delivery, by your country. We must put a customs declaration label on the outside of your package with information about the contents and this will be used to calculate the import tax you are charged. We are unable to provide particular advice on the exact charges for each individual country but, in most cases we understand that the import tax you will be due to pay is around the same as the saving made on your VAT deduction (with varying handling fees). We do suggest that you check import charges for your country before you place your order if you have any concerns about what the cost may be.

For example, if you placed a £100 order before Brexit, approximately £16.50 of that purchase would have been VAT.  If you place a £100 order with us now, approx £16.50 will automatically be deducted from your order / will not be charged if we are shipping it outside the UK but you should expect to pay around £16.50 in import taxes.

Orders being placed from your home, outside the UK, for collection at our shop while you are on holiday

If you are planning ahead and placing an order for an item which you intend to collect from our shop while you are on holiday, our website will recalculate to include VAT when you select our ‘collect in store’ option. We can only exclude VAT from your order if it is being shipped to you. If our customers are leaving the UK with their purchase, we are required to charge VAT on the sale. (We must be able to provide proof of shipping for any VAT free orders.)

International customers shopping with us in our shop

Before Brexit we offered a VAT free service for customers shopping with us in our shop. This service is no longer an option following Brexit so we are sorry that we are not able to offer any VAT free shopping to international customers in our shop, unless we are shipping your purchase or order to you – in which case the import taxes detailed above will apply. If you are leaving the UK with your purchase, we are not able to offer VAT free shopping because we have to pay VAT to the Government on your purchase if you are leaving the UK with the product/s.